Monday, November 19, 2012

{AA in Thailand} The December Issue from Grapevine Is Available

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December 2012 AA Grapevine Magazine

The December 2012 Issue has Arrived!

The holidays are a time for fun, fellowship, joy and laughter. But they also can be stressful, especially for newcomers. Thanks to AA, we now have great tools to help us navigate parties and family gatherings-tools to help us with our loneliness, to help lower our expectations and remind us to laugh and reach out to others. This month, we feature stories by members who found ways to stay sober through the holidays, while maintaining their serenity.

In In "Where Did the Party Go?" a nervous newcomer gets a big surprise when he opens his house to a bunch of sober AAs. "Pickin' and Grinnin' for Santa" is a sweet tale about sober friends who celebrate the holidays each year with their voices and fingers. And a sober alcoholic learns to how to really enjoy the final night of the year in "Let the Ball Drop!"

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